Preceptor Case Study


The purpose of preceptor case studies are to provide a reflection of opportunities, challenges, and creative experiences that preceptors in athletic training have developed for clinical education. The commentary may explore previous experiences or theory into practice in terms of methods to deliver clinical experiences. The case studies may explore topics such as clinical immersion from the preceptor perspective, designing quality patient interactions, and assessment of student growth during the clinical experience.

Title: The words “case study” or “case report” should appear in the title along with the area of focus. Titles should be no longer than 15 words and the heading “title” does not need to appear in the submission.

Key Phrases/Content Focus: Choose 2-3 key phrases from the provided list that align with the content in the manuscript. In addition, you may choose to provide 1-2 key words relevant to your manuscript.

Abstract: A 300-word unstructured abstract should accompany your submission. The abstract should include an introductory statement, the educational technique or experience, outcomes, and a clinical teaching bottom line.

Video Abstract (Optional): A Video Abstract is an accompanying feature for research articles that should attract viewers to the scientific paper. The aim of the Video Abstract is to promote the highlights of your study. Therefore, it should include the main conclusions and results of the paper, but it should also add something to the written paper. Ideally, it should engage viewers by telling a story, for example by starting with a particular finding, a question, or a distinctive topic around which the story will unfold. Your emphasis must be on ways of capturing the attention of your audience, encouraging them to read your paper. The video can be recorded using any software and should be under 2 minutes in length. The video may include voice-over presentation, podcast, and video capture. The video abstracts will be posted on the manuscript homepage and social media.

Introduction: One to two paragraphs to deliver the background information that will be used to set the scenario for the gap in the literature with references and the purpose of the preceptor case report.

Athletic Training Student Characteristics: Provide information regarding the number of athletic training students at the clinical site, year in the program, and any other relevant information. Be sure to adhere to FERPA guidelines when creating this section.

Preceptor Characteristics: Provide information describing the preceptor including the clinical setting and patient population, years of experience as an athletic trainer, years of experience as a clinical preceptor, and previous continuing education and professional development in pedagogy.

Experience: This section will describe a clinical education opportunity provided to the athletic training student(s), creative experiences developed by the preceptor, or challenging situations created to improve the athletic training student(s) experience with the preceptor. The experience section should describe the materials, methods, and learning objectives (goals) of the experience. In addition, it should describe the relationship and roles of the preceptor throughout the clinical education experience such as with clinical immersion and designing mock patient interactions.

Results and Discussion: Summarize the outcomes of the experience in terms of planning and execution, how you assesse the experience, any data collected (optional), and limitations or challenges experienced as a result of the experience.

Clinical Teaching Bottom Line: Provide a synthesis of the findings as it pertains to the clinical education, as well as teaching & learning. Discuss the implications of this case for clinical practice and in preceptor development.

Student Perspective (Optional): When possible and appropriate, the athletic training student should share their perspective of the experience. This section can be written in the form of a quotation from the student regarding their learning because of the preceptor’s teaching. This is a standalone section and should not be embedded within the previous sections.

References: List all references used to support the case at the conclusion of the column. Please adhere to AMA guidelines.