Editorial Team


Lindsey Eberman, PhD, LAT, ATC - Indiana State University

Senior Editorial Board

Kenneth Games, PhD, LAT, ATC - Indiana State University

Zachary Winkelmann, PhD, SCAT, ATC - University of South Carolina

Managing Editor

Matthew Rivera, DAT, LAT, ATC - Indiana State University

Staff Editors 

Matthew Drescher, DAT, LAT, ATC - Indiana State University

Justin Young, DAT, LAT, ATC - Indiana State University 

Section Editors

Disablement Model Case Studies and Reports

Tim Nicollelo, MS, LAT, ATC -St. Luke's Health System

Validation Case Studies and Reports

S. Andrew Cage, MEd, LAT, ATC - University of Texas Tyler 

Point-of-Care Research

Ashley Marshall, PhD, LAT, ATC - Appalachian State University  

Clinical Outcomes Research

Tom Abdenour, DHSc, ATC, CES - Retired

Quality Improvement (PDSA Cycle) Reports

Nick Pfeifer, EdM, ATC - Boston University 

Clincical Mentorship Case Studies

Zachary Dougal, DAT, LAT, ATC - Ball State University

J"nai Pittman, MSEd, LAT, ATC, OTC - Emory Sports Medicine 

Translational Research 

Kelsey Picha, PhD, ATC - A.T.S.U. 

Evidence to Practice Reviews 

Cameron Powden, PhD, LAT, ATC - University of Indianapolis

Clinical Expertise Commentary

Hollie Walusz, MA, ATC, PES - Boston University

Patient-Centered Care Commentary

Mark Laursen, MS, ATC, Boston University


Ellie Rippy, MS - Indiana State University