Bi-Lateral Hand Compartment Syndrome Secondary to Autoimmune Disorder in a Former High School Multi-Sport Athlete


  • Alyssa Vaniman Arizona Western College



College and University Patient Popualtion, diagnostic testing and physical examination: upper extremity


Patient is a 21-year-old female former multiple-sport athlete who has suffered from the development of multiple cases of compartment syndrome throughout their body. At the time the medical staff encountered the patient, they were diagnosed with bilateral hand compartment syndrome. An autoimmune disorder known as Scleromyositis was diagnosed as the source of the multiple diagnosed cases of compartment syndrome.  Prior to surgical intervention, the patient was unable to complete everyday tasks as a student. As pressure within their hypothenar, thenar, and interosseous compartments grew, the patient was no longer able to complete everyday fine motor skill tasks. A post-surgical rehabilitation plan was developed and implemented to improve the patient’s dexterity, grip strength, and range of motion. The patient successfully regained strength and dexterity by 8-week post-surgical intervention. Currently, the patient has not shown any recurrent signs and symptoms of compartment syndrome returning to any anatomical structure. However, it has been roughly four years since their diagnosis of Scleromyositis, they are no longer on immune suppressants, and their primary care physician found no evidence of the autoimmune disorder.