Public Health
Preparticipation Exams and Screening
Injury Risk Reduction
Environmental Conditions
Spiritual Wellness
Emotional Wellness and Mental Health
Diagnostic Testing and Physical Examination: Upper Extremity
Diagnostic Testing and Physical Examination: Lower Extremity 
Diagnostic Testing and Physical Examination: Spine, Thorax, and Abdomen 
Diagnostic Testing and Physical Examination: Non-Musculoskeletal Conditions
Injury Surveillance
Patient Education
Emergency Action Plans
Triage and Emergency Care
Patient-Reported Outcomes
Therapeutic Exercise
Therapeutic Devices (Modalities, etc.)
Manual Techniques
General Medical Interventions
Functional Testing
Clinician-Rated Outcomes
Organizational and Personal Outcomes
Policy and Procedure Development
Risk Management and Mitigation
Professional Standards (Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Practice)
Medical Documentation
Preceptor Training and Development
Healthcare Information Technology 
Healthcare Economics (Value and Worth)
Interprofessional Practice
Emerging Settings (Military, Performing Arts, Public Safety, Occupational Health)
College and University Patient Population
Secondary Schools Patient Population
Clinic and Hospital Patient Population 
Professional Sports Patient Population