Clinical Experts Statement: The Definition, Prescription, and Application of Cupping Therapy


  • S. Andrew Cage, MEd, LAT, ATC The University of Texas at Tyler
  • Brandon J Warner Grand Canyon University
  • Diana M. Gallegos University of Texas at Tyler
  • Brian Coulombe Texas Lutheran University



College and University Patient Population, Therapeutic Devices, Manual Techniques, Cupping Therapy


Not included per journal guidelines for Clinical Commentaries. However, this manuscript outlines a study that aimed to create a clinical expert statement on the definition, prescription, and application of cupping therapy. 10 panelists who were certified athletic trainers and held a post-professional credential in cupping therapy were recruited to take part in an expert panel to reach a consensus on statements about the definition, prescription, and application of cupping therapy. After beginning with 67 statements, the panel rated statements on whether or not they should be included. Ultimately, 39 statements were included in the final document. The manuscript includes suggestions for how this clinical expert statement should be used by clinicians, as well as a disclaimer stating that this is not an all encompassing statement on cupping therapy.






Clinician Expertise Commentary