Graston Technique Combined with Therapeutic Intervention as an Alternative Treatment for a Grade III UCL Sprain: A Case Study


  • Raul Anaya Jr Trinity International University
  • Kim Bacalla Trinity International University
  • Annette Monk Trinity International University



College and University Patient Population, Patient-Reported Outcomes, and Therapeutic Exercise.


Operative measures have been shown to have positive effects on complete thumb ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) sprains. Nonoperative measures have been shown to have positive effects on sprains considered less than complete. This case presents evidence supporting conservative treatment combined with Graston Technique in order to decrease pain and increase range of motion (ROM) in a football player who sustained a complete UCL sprain. Although surgical intervention may be the treatment of choice, it can cause undesirable financial, mental, or physical stresses, especially in the collegiate-athletic population. Conservative intervention has the potential to eliminate these factors while still producing favorable and healthy results. According to the Levels of Evidence for Clinical Practice Guidelines, a case report is labeled as a grade 3, just above expert opinion. Although these findings support conservative rehabilitation treatment combined with the Graston Technique to significantly reduce pain and increase range of motion in a UCL sprain, further research must be conducted to provide concrete evidence.

Author Biographies

Raul Anaya Jr, Trinity International University

Raul Anaya has a Bachelor of Science degree in Pre-Physical Therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Current Master of Arts in Athletic Training student at Trinity International University. His clinical interests include manual therapy and strength and conditioning.

Annette Monk, Trinity International University

Annette Monk has experience as a clinician practicing as an athletic trainer in a variety of settings, including military, industrial and secondary school settings. Annette brings her clinical experience to teaching within an athletic training program with hopes of inspiring future professionals to serve as leaders where they are called forth. Her research interests include tactical athlete health and human performance and telemedicine.






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