Clinician Expertise Commentary

The purpose of a Clinical Expertise Commentary is to communicate best practices in a specialty or sub-specialty area. Commentaries are written by authors with demonstrated expertise or trained specialties and provide insights into complex decision-making or patient care in a focused area of practice. 

Title: Titles should be no longer than 15 words and the heading “title” does not need to appear in the submission.

Content Focus: All submissions will be required to designate an Athletic Training Research Agenda Priority. The Athletic Training Research Agenda can be found here. The research priorities are Health Care Competency, Vitality of The Profession, Health Professions Education, Health Care Economics, and Health Information Technology.

Author Characteristics: The authors should include a brief bio-sketch of their work, training, and or experiences that qualify them to comment with an expert opinion on the content focus. The authors should include information regarding residency training, peer-reviewed scholarly work, formal and informal trainings, certifications, or presentations (national, regional, or local).  The bio-sketch should be narrowed to the content focus and should not exceed 200 words.

Abstract: No abstract for commentary manuscripts.

Video Abstract (Optional): A Video Abstract is an accompanying feature for research articles that should attract viewers to the scientific paper. The aim of the Video Abstract is to promote the highlights of your study. Therefore, it should include the main conclusions and results of the paper, but it should also add something to the written paper. Ideally, it should engage viewers by telling a story, for example by starting with a particular finding, a question, or a distinctive topic around which the story will unfold. Your emphasis must be on ways of capturing the attention of your audience, encouraging them to read your paper. The video abstracts will be posted on the manuscript homepage and social media. Please provide your Twitter handle (personal or organization), if available, in the submission of your video abstract.

Text: The commentary should not exceed 2,000 words. The purpose of the clinical expertise commentary is to provide information and knowledge derived from lived experiences and skill development over the course of patient interactions. The clinician expertise commentary should be succinct reviews of implementation of the best available knowledge paired with experience, in-services, and reflective opportunities that have emerged in the translation of evidence into practice. In addition, unique policies for clinical practice advancement and risk management may be provided with explanation of how the policy was developed.

References: Provide up to 10 references used to support the commentary at the conclusion of the column. Please adhere to AMA guidelines.